Max Mara The Cube with Cameluxe padding

Max Mara is synonymous with camel hair. The legendary coats have been crafted from this fiber that is collected from the camel as it naturally sheds. The excess camelhair fabric of the Max Mara coats is upcycled to create a new coat with a sustainable padding, the Cameluxe, an ultra-fine material used as insulation for a new generation of The Cube - the integrated system of outerwear and accessories that has been around the “block” a few times.


The collection that looks to the sustainable future of fashion

Arizona Muse is the face of the new Max Mara The Cube campaign with Cameluxe padding. Model and activist who founded DIRT, a charitable organisation devoted to regenerating the land, she is drawn up in the front line to defend the environment and to raise awareness of a more sustainable lifestyle. The campaign is photographed by Robbie Lawrence and the video clip is directed by Tracy Doyle.


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CAMELUXE is a new frontier for mindful fashion: the excess camelhair fabrics are upcycled from our legendary coats (and not only) in order to create a warm insulating pad. By repurposing luxury materials that would otherwise have been wasted these new methods directly address the challenges of fashion production’s environmental impact. As a result, energy consumption is decreased, waste managed, water usage and CO2 emissions reduced.

Max Mara The Cube

Max Mara The Cube, focused on the down jacket, is an integrated system of outerwear and accessories born in 2008. The Max Mara The Cube’s design is so innovative that it has been “boxed” into the display cases at the Berlin State Museums and New York’s FIT, as a “cult object” in the “Fashion and Technology” exhibitions. In a bid to celebrate the research and innovation behind the Max Mara The Cube’s design, we asked three photographers to provide us with their own visual interpretation of the project and provided them with just one prompt: life, cubed.

Fifteen photographers have interpreted the project: Erik Madigan Heck, Koto Bolofo, Rinko Kawauchi, Hellen Van Meene, Max Farago, Lorenzo Vitturi, Christopher Anderson, Tina Barney, Laurie Simmons, Marilyn Minter, Sam Taylor-Johnson, Stephen Shore, Alex Prager, Tierney Gearon and Joel Meyerowitz.

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